Who We are

We are an ever growing team of experienced designers, project managers and makers, supported by a London based creative workshop. We excel in the areas of innovative and customised interior designs delivering a high standard of service to our customers. We are constantly evolving our skills through the use of new materials and revel in challenging traditional methods of design and construction, believing in limitless possibilities.

Interior shot of the tube carriage at Cahoots Interior shot of Foggs Tavern

What We Do

Immersive design is a new term with its roots originating for the gaming industry, but as Jamie explains it is also an important part of our ethos, separating us from the competition.

"We aim to create spaces which allow escapism whilst remaining believable and often with a complete backstory/ history to compliment them. This means that every element from the decor, the drinks and even the staffs uniforms hold weight and reason rather than just 'looking nice'.
The word 'themed' is used a lot and often cheapens designs, most of our concepts are based on 'styles' that are very established, which we recreate with sensitivity and a great attention to authenticity in the detail.
As soon as you enter, the outside world disappears and you become part of the experience, they are playgrounds for adults. Hence describing our design style as 'immersive'."

As well as an established UK client base we have also had international success in India and Dubai. Having the ability to adapt to new working environments and use local trades people and practices was probably our biggest challenge to over come, but whether at home, abroad, permanent, temporary, static, or in the case of the Diageo World Class bar, moving, we have the ability to adjust our working style whilst delivering the same quality of build, on even the most adventurous projects.