Hanging flags, exotic planting and rattan seating sits alongside a full sized Victorian Steamer at Mrs Fogg's Maritime Club and Distillery

Mrs Fogg’s Maritime Club & Distillery

Bar and Distillery

The latest adventure by Inception group is a continuation of the Philleas Fogg story, but this time inspired by his Indian wife Auoda. We worked alongside D-raw studio to bring to life the vision of a traditional Victorian Maritime club, with an exotic Indian twist. Complete with a life-sized Rangoon Steamer and lifeboat on the ground floor, and a below deck gin distillery in the basement ; the venue showcases experiential design at its best.

Case Study: Mrs Fogg’s Maritime Club & Distillery


Rangoon Steamer

A Frame Design fabricated the nautical style staircase and riveted window surrounds and also salvaged Victorian pillars and props to form an authentic steamer deck. Inside the steamer we sourced Victorian inspired fabrics, curtains, carpeting, furniture and light fittings to create a sophisticated ‘upper class’ experience.

steamer outside

steamre inside

Life Boat Seating Area

We adapted a life boat to sit next to the steamer deck, forming a unique seating area


Distillery & Engine Room

In order to integrate Mr Fogg’s working gin distillery equipment, we developed an engine room concept; adorning the private bar walls with copper pipes, dials and cog’s onto a red oxide backdrop. The room is an impressive setting for cocktail making experiences.


engine room

‘Stowaways’ Basement Bar

The challenge was to create a below deck speak-easy style bar with an eclectic aesthetic. The timber clad room with nautical memorabilia strung from the ceiling, and industrial features, also contains crates of beautiful Anglo-Indian Victorian furniture unpacked by the stowaways.

We manufactured larger crates for the booth seating and bar, complete with working pulley doors, which are lifted to reveal a decorative bar front made from salvaged furniture.



Our most ambitious toilet design yet; the concept was to create toilet cubicles that felt like an exotic specimen store, showcasing those brought back from around the world! We designed and manufactured the glass fronted cases complete with brass trim details and archive labels, but also sourced and curated the collections of butterflies’, bugs, shells and flowers within them.

wc cubicles