Smash Reading

A Homage to Ping Pong

Eclectic bars asked us to design their Reading Branch of Smash; their Ping Pong bar brand. They are an all round entertainment venue, offering Ping Pong, cocktails, pizza, craft beer and live sport. We used raw finishes throughout the venue, with a good dose of neon lighting and wall murals to give it a retro urban feel. We then dressed the space with plenty of fun ping pong references, creating an above average sports bar experience.

Case Study: Smash Reading

The upstairs bar sits on an exposed brickwork with a neon beer mural and a retro styled craft beer menu. We made the bar front itself from ping pong balls!


Neon signage throughout the venue gives a warm glow with a retro feel


Vintage framed prints of celebrities playing table tennis sit on top of the graffiti brick wall.


A striking backdrop for behind the bar was inspired by old split flap scoreboards. A plush bar front was used to contrast with the surrounding urban finishes.



Salvaged beer kegs were used to form a decorative partition wall and house a screen for sports. Vintage band posters adorn the exposed brickwork.


Hand painted brick wall