Interior shot at Club Tropicana

Tropicana Beach Club

Flamboyant Latin American Cabaret Bar/ Club

Tropicana Beach Club is a party paradise for dining and drinking with tropical themed entertainment, performances and DJs. This flamboyant venue transports you to South America to experience a hedonistic late night party.

Case Study: Tropicana Beach Club

Tropicana was the perfect project to use colour. With 3 meter palm trees inside the entrance as soon as you step foot in the door you are led through to a tropical paradise.

TPC Thurs 6th Oct-29 featured

There are two bars in the venue, each one having their own distinctive style. One based on the Amazonian jungle dressed with an abundance of foliage and colourful birds, finished off with colourful bucket pendants. The second bar is inspired by the streets of Columbia with a display of decorative iron railings and mirror.

TPC Thurs 6th Oct-47

TPC Thurs 6th Oct-34

TPC Thurs 6th Oct-41

Main Stage (pool floor & stage inspiration):
The venue had an existing circular dance floor which lent itself to being transformed into a splash pool, created in resin to look like rippling  water with authentic pool ladders and mosaic tiles.

TPC Thurs 6th Oct-30

The front stage was inspired by the original Tropicana Show in Havana, whereby an elaborate sign was installed along with vibrant flowers and palm leaves.

TPC Thurs 6th Oct-32

For christmas 2018 we were asked to dress the space for their big freeze pop-up. We installed giant glittery snowballs over the dance floor, dressed the topical planting with an icy layer and installed vintage ski bric-a-brac, to create the ultimate Christmas party destination!

winter pop-up