Interior shot of the fish float ceiling at Mahiki

Mahiki Mayfair

A fun late night Polynesian tiki bar and club.

Mahiki meaning ‘path to the underworld’ transports guests to a tropical Polynesian paradise set below street level. Mixing new materials such as black bamboo and traditional Hawaiian furniture unavailable in the UK at that time, Mahiki was the first real tiki bar since Trader Vics put tiki on the map in 1963.

Case Study: Mahiki Mayfair

Being the first main project we had embarked on our first challenge was in sourcing the materials which were unavailable in the UK at that time. Everything from the black bamboo, princess chairs and wicker furniture had to be imported or made in our London workshops to ensure its authenticity. The first basement formed a traditional cocktail bar with traditional Polynesian styling including a hand painted ceiling, hand carved Tiki’s and traditional vintage Hawaiian fabrics.

The second basement and club takes you further into the underworld featuring a traditional dugout canoe back bar and mid-century carved wall panels. Other decorative installations were a back lit fishing float ceiling above the dance floor and a giant glass display case of tropical plants, carvings and artefacts that in subsequent re-fits have been removed to make space for more seating due to the club’s continued popularity.